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Jean Descole
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Current headcanons:

It has been 4 years since Jean Descole last committed a crime. He is aquatinted with one Hershel Layton, however you could hardly say they are friends. With leaving behind his crimes, he has left a significant amount of his temper behind too.

To make things simpler when it comes to fan characters who are involved with Descole, let's say that because of something unknown that happened between Azran Legacies and Curious Village, Descole had amnesia. He didn't recover. Raymond reminded him of everything the butler knew about, but Descole had always been secretive and 'everything Raymond knew about' wasn't actually that much. So he remembers his search for the Azran, remembers Layton; pretty much remembers everything that happened in the games, but nothing in between.

Raymond also left the 'evil scientist who destroyed a lot of stuff' bit out, in the hope that this would stop Descole getting into so many dangerous situations, so now, while Descole is far from being Layton's friend, he no longer is a criminal.

Descole will pretend not to like kids, but when he’s been exposed to one he softens. He’s actually great with them. He doesn’t take on a great amount of responsibility, so he wouldn’t be a very good parent, but he enjoys their presence. He gets tired of being around adults where he thinks people are expecting him to appear intelligent, and so enjoys being around kids where there’s nothing great expected of him.

The same with most animals.

Descole’s fear of hospitals started as an attention seeking thing when he was younger; only he can’t remember that. He now believes that it’s a genuine phobia and will be stubborn to the point that he has to be dragged in.

When in primary school, there was a teacher that Descole respected and wanted to impress, so he worked on making his handwriting better than any other child’s in the class. It is now ridiculously ornate and barely legible. (Read: he has terrible handwriting and everyone hates him for it)

He’s a complete brat.

To most people.

He’s really uncomfortable about talking about his past, or himself, but he doesn’t see himself as a criminal anymore, and he will try at all costs to avoid committing a crime again, which, of course, means he’s very careful in situations that could lead to a criminal offence.

He’s actually very affectionate when he’s asleep.

He will let Raymond do most of the jobs around the house but Descole always makes the tea.

He is also very particular about his tea, and would prefer to make it himself anyway. Of course, when he is in someone else’s house, he will let them do it out of politeness.

He is pansexual, but avoids having more than one relationship at once despite this. It’s never ended well for him. He hasn’t been in a relationship in nearly two years because of things ending badly.

He’s fascinated not only by legend, but also by myth. Sometimes he will ditch books on ancient sources of power and timeless civilisations for foreign stories of gods and fabulous creatures. His favourites are Greek and Norse.

He may deny it, but he has a bit of a sweet tooth. He loves honey and candy.

He is more comfortable around broken mirrors (despite them supposedly being bad luck- even if it is just for the person who broke it) than around non broken ones. Few people know why.

He is monophobic, which is why his (real) father hired Raymond shortly before Descole left home.

Both of his parents are still alive.

He doesn’t actually like puzzles that much. He thinks they’re for children and a waste of time, but he does like dreaming them up to stump others.

Current Residence: roses are red
Favourite genre of music: violets are blue
Shell of choice: i am a daisy
Personal Quote: they eat dogs in korea

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